Here at The Hills District Childcare Centre our Motto is

"Learn, laugh and grow".

A Little About The Hills

As a Family owned and operated service we opened our centre in 2012, providing education and care for families in Everton Hills and The Hills District Community. When you come to us, you can always expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated to the local community and family values, which is why our families love attending each day. 
Educating children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, we offer a caring and nurturing environment, combining education and fun, our team will ensure the best experience for your child. We’re here to support parents and children as best we can and will adapt services we provide to suit the particular needs of you and your child.

Meet Our Team

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Tom Messa

Simply brilliant and clear. What the author has to say about architecture is both historical and brand new

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